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Another exciting year of adventures in consciousness. It is fascinating to see how much faster people are willing to stop making things wrong. The coaching circles are one of the essential ingredients for promoting faster and more effective transformation, according to those who have committed to staying in contact with their coaches. Please consider hooking up with a coach if you are not currently in the circle. There are coaching coordinators in many regions and you don't need to live near someone to be an effective coach or coachee.

More news to come...
Venezuela has survived a tense year and participants from the previous year are continuing to appreciate the opportunities for growth. Most of them have continued to successfully coach each other toward constant joy.

The sailing vessel "Spirit" has been undergoing an extensive refit to enable groups to use it for fast sailing, seminars and swimming with wildlife. It is scheduled to be sailing again in 2020

On the road..

Because of increasing political tensions which are preventing people from traveling, the December schedule for South America was postponed. Instead, the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute invited us to work with their international clients. It was agreed that the Breathing in Joy work is a good combination with their program of conscious diet. 

Gabriel DeLuca sponsored the first series of Transformation workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina in late November. Ever since the economy collapsed there last December, many are taking opportunities to get more conscious as they continue learning to accept what is. Imagine waking up one morning to discover everything now costs three times as much and the jobs, if you can find one, are paying less. Nevertheless, the beauty of the city and the determination of the people there made it an exceptional experience.

Intense civil tension in Venezuela gave us plenty of opportunities to see how the real war is fought in our minds. In early November, Frankie deGuedez brought a group of dedicated breath facilitators together for a powerful weekend in Barquisimeto. The following week Jose Luis Ziritt sponsored five days of trainings in Caracas.

Six countries were represented at the Miami Advanced Training in October. The group dynamics made for some interesting work sessions. The location was perfect for three water sessions.

Denmark was full of laughter and joy as Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria presented a Laughter Workshop Training program complete with Transformation breathing and the Work. Another beautiful marriage. Lars Mygind is responsible for promoting The Transformation work in Denmark.

Sweden is a bit colder in September. That didn't stop us from swimming in the exhilarating water followed by saunas. The dedicated group members were intensely present and are looking forward to sharing this work. Lena Kristina once again showed exceptional hospitality and love.

Colombia is a land of extremes. There is news of violence and there is no sense of that. The people are full of joy and laughter. After working with a couple hundred people over two weeks, Peter discovered a new level of commitment and clarity in the people he was working with. It was not uncommon for groups to form spontaneously including a couple that started at midnight. Alfredo Hoyos and his family were outstanding hosts. Alfredo was responsible for setting up seven different trainings.

Global Inspiration Conference 2002

At the end of June, over 200 Breath facilitators from 30 countries. gathered on Margarita Island, Venezuela for seven days of intense breath workshops and loving fellowship. The consensus was that there is an ever increasing need for facilitators and trainers throughout the world as breathing is becoming more widely accepted as a profound physical and mental healing process toward world peace.. Peter Murray shared the Work of Byron Katie with most of the group in several workshops throughout the week and in four workshops afterwards in Caracas. It was refreshing to be in a culture where there is so much hunger for higher consciousness. As a result of Global Alliance meetings at the conference, Peter and Dan Brule  of  agreed  to require their students seeking certification to attend one of  each others weekend programs so as to give them a different perspective on breathing methods and approaches. At a time when there is so much terror and uncertainty, this is a major step forward in assuring that all breath facilitators become united in a common goal of reaching more of the world with the transforming power of the breath.

The same message was heard in Vaddo, Sweden July 29 through August 5 when Peter was invited to work at Life University with Lena Kristina Tuulse of Waxthuset and Binnie Dansby of Source Experience Breathwork as they worked with numerous participants from throughout Scandinavia. The unusually warm weather and midnight sun added to the magic.


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Web and New Book Listings
As this work continues to expand and make its mark of excellence in the world, you may want to advertise yourself. Web listings are currently free. Donations are accepted. Please email your bio and picture to You may also want to be included in Peter Murray's new book which is scheduled to be released in 2003. It isn't required that you be certified to be included as long as you are serious about wanting to share this amazing gift of breath. We are looking for  breath stories to include in the book and they can be anonymous if you prefer.

Part 4 Professional Certification Program
After  experiencing the new 6 day Certification programs, it is clear that expanding Part 4 and making it an enjoyable residential experience is one of the most important improvements ever. The ability to go deeper into the many aspects of facilitation and work closely during the intensive program with experienced staff has taken the  Certification Training Program to a new level. New participants and graduates alike have been thrilled with the added experiential and informational aspects that better prepare them as facilitators.

These programs are planned in beautiful retreat centers around the world so that vacations can be incorporated into the program and to allow the beauty and natural environments to support the growth and energetic openings that occur. If facilitating or teaching Transformation Breath is part of your life purpose then it is essential to take one of the new Part 4's to give yourself and your clients a great gift. 

Training news

You may want to check the Photo section of this site to see pictures from around the world. It's a challenge to describe these events without understating. Suffice it to say that the intensive combined residential training's have a special purpose of their own, especially when it comes to developing enlightened relationships and a sense of community. We encourage participants in every event to look forward to insanity in relationships and for new opportunities to use the tools suggested through the Power of Now and the Work to develop authentic unconditional love. It's easy enough to do that when you interact with relatively conscious people sporadically over two eight hour periods, but when you are forced to share bedrooms, bathrooms and moods over a ten day period, shift happens.
One-liners are a beautiful combination of the Work and the Power of Now. You don't have to wait until negative thoughts feed your pain body to the place where you have to find another Work sheet. The instant Work is possible when you express yourself honestly in the moment that you find fault in another. One example was at a ten day training in Costa Rica when I experienced someone dominating the only bathroom  when I really needed it. My mind told me that I was irritated, which triggered my breathing. In my quest to stay present, the one liner came out. "I believe that you see your time as more important than other's, (inquiry pause) and I see how I do that too." After the shock wore off, we laughed, hugged and I rushed to the toilet. When others did one liners on me, my sensitivity to it just meant that what they were saying was accurate. With practice, you will see how one liners are the ultimate expression of love. The only reason that I don't do them more often is because I get this story that I might lose someone's approval if I share my feelings honestly. Is it true?

 Opportunities for growth

We are being drawn back to the basics. What are we sharing anyway? The breath is about constant inner peace. It's about presence, acceptance, patience and understanding as well as the numerous other goodies that we get along the way. Through our sessions, we have taken the inquiry of "The Work" out of our heads and into our hearts so that we can now say with certainty that we look forward to challenging situations as  opportunities to gauge our rapidly expanding consciousness. How can we  know unconditional love unless we have challenging people around? Anyone can appear to be serenely conscious if only surrounded by selected approving friends. For this reason, we have an important addition to our vision statement reading "


It has been suggested that this may be setting us up for possible disaster. That may be true if we start believing that bad things can happen at our events. In our experience, only positive growth has come from situations that may have been labeled as bad or wrong. Time has shown us that our most valuable teachers are those people that irritate us the most. These ego mirrors force us to do the "Is it true" inquiry and reversals - For example; They are disrespectful = I am disrespectful.
   As we draw closer to constant unconditional love, we see that we are ultimately all on the same side. The only battle is the one inside our heads. If you are ever asked to choose sides in any situation, choose your own side as you take some deep breaths, close your eyes and go to the in side, where the most reliable teacher has always been. 

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