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Below are a few of our favorite links. Please let us know of other links that would be useful to our Breathing Community. We invite your participation!
Byron Katies' profound yet simple judgment resolution process
Eckhart is an enlightening speaker and author of "The Power of Now"  
Leonard Jacobson is an gifted teacher and author
Patricia Crane was the senior Louise Hay trainer for many years. She and Rick have ongoing trainings that also feature breathwork.
Arnold Vanderlyde teaches sports psychology in the Netherlands
Check out these high consciousness newscasts
Expositions throughout America
Jim Leonard and Phil Laut wrote the book on Vivation
International Breath Foundation site
Gaia Budhai and friends teach yoga and breathwork in Miami Beach 
Sybil Rose shares the breathwork in Rhode Island
Dan Brule has been teaching breathwork since 1978 
Gail Darwin hosts many breath workshops in Santa Monica, California 
Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria have started over a thousand laughter clubs around the world. 
Lena Kristina Tuulse has taught thousands at her beautiful Life University in Vaddo, Sweden.
David Parker teaches about co-dependency, sexuality, addictions and much more in his programs around the world. 
Lars Mygind offers various trainings in Scandinavia including EFT/TFT.
Geoff Smith shares breathwork in Europe
Chas and Kat teach cranial-sacral and more.
Murray family page
Sailing home page
America's largest free holistic magazine
Dances of Universal Peace around the world
Jamila's popular Russian festival
Chillam's website in Russian
Tuvan shaman Nikolay Oorzhak is a master of Throat Singing
Daniel offers Vibrant Living workshops and more.
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