Why do I need Transformation Breathing?

 When we improve the way we breathe, our world is transformed.
      We can find more peace and joy in each moment.
       Our lives continue to get better.

Conscious connected breathing is the easiest way to bring your focus to the present moment.  As you bring all your attention to your breathing, feel your abdomen rise with each inhale and fall with the exhale. Feel the breath as it passes your lips. Listen to the sound of your breathing. Our breath is one thing that we always have with us that can bring us to instant peace. As we continue to breathe without pause between the inhale and exhale, the oxygen floods our system. Super oxygenated blood is now racing through our body. As our brain gets flooded with the oxygen rich blood, seratonin and endorphins are released. It feels good. As we continue the steady rhythm, our body starts to tingle with all the intense energy that we're drawing in. We are steadily drawn into a deeper state of total relaxation - complete surrender. From this place, everything makes sense. Joy comes with new clarity. 

There are many other reasons to start a regular routine of conscious connected breathing. Increased energy is a big one. When you consider that we get at least 70% of our energy from breathing, it's no wonder that so many people are lacking the energy that they would like. The most obvious reason to open up our breathing is to achieve better health. Please refer to the Medical Info  page for more information. 

   Although it may be possible to start these exercises on your own, there is no replacement for a facilitated session. Find a professional in your area or join us for a Breath workshop or weekend to help make the initial opening of your breathing.

So here is the Formula to stay in joy when any uncomfortable feeling arises. First, notice how you are breathing and then ask these two questions;

1. Do I want to feel good?

2. What is missing in this exact moment?

If you find something missing, ask yourself if you really need it in this moment to survive.


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