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Feelingood 2008 International Holistic Conference      


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Workshops at 1000, 1400, 1600 and 1900 everyday

 Call Peter at 0857878512 for more info and directions

Is anything more important than feeling good ? Find out in Thailand Sat, Feb 2 to Feb. 16 with Dances of Universal Peace with Gayan Gregory Long and Jamila, workshops in Laughteryoga with the master, Dr. Madan Kataria, breathwork, qi gong and Dreamwork Feb 12 with Annette Kaiser Sufi practices, drumming, qi gong, dreamwork, bodywork, nutrition, massage, yoga, reiki, dance, energy work, alternative medicine, music, theology, sound, tantra, art, dowsing, thought field therapy, theatre and much more. Scholarships, cheap flights, inexpensive meals, and free camping are available. Bungalows range from $6 to $70 and want to be reserved in advance with 50% deposit because that is the high season.

Translators attend free of charge and there may be an additional fee when you need translation.
The first 7 days are for workshops. After a 10am assembly, there are 3 two to three hour workshops  11am, 3pm and 7pm as well as early morning and late evening groups. The next 7 days are for more free workshops, excursions and paid trainings including courses qualifying for continuing education credit. Afterwards, there are various group adventures in Thailand, Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Bali and more.
Come and go as you please for an assortment of day trips or just hang out in exotic splendor. The snorkeling is some of the best in the world.
Enjoy a variety of children activities as well. As the ultimate networking adventure, this is an unprecedented opportunity for workshop and seminar leaders to introduce their work to more of the world. If you enjoy music and enlightening workshops, it is also the perfect place to discover whatever you want more of in your life. Come to meet your global family. The previous event attracted participants from 23 nations. Don’t miss this magnificent celebration of love, life and one of the world’s most extraordinary locations.

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Thailand +66 85 7878 512
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