When we change the way we breathe, our world is transformed.
         We can find more peace and joy in each moment.
          Our lives continue to get better.

What is Transformation Breathing and what will it do for me?

Transformation breathing is a deep, full way of breathing which serves to fully oxygenate the body. By using this deep breathing technique for an extended period of time, supported by a trained facilitator, most people come to experience a new sense of freedom, health and happiness. Many gain new clarity in their life's work.

In the process of doing Transformation Breathing, you may experience a range of useful insights about your life as well as a remarkable letting go of outmoded beliefs and old emotional traumas. As they disappear, you are free to consciously create new patterns that can serve you better, allowing more joy and satisfaction to enter your life. Throughout your session we will be with you to support you. As  trained facilitators, we can monitor your progress and work with you as important personal issues come up.

What can I expect to happen during a Transformation Breathing Session?

Each session is different as it is shaped by your desires and intentions. You come to the session in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, and prepare to spend an hour with us, focusing on you and your life.

What happens in a typical session is that you and I will spend perhaps ten minutes or so discussing what you want to achieve in your life and more specifically, during the session. Next, we show you the proper way to breathe--deep, connected cycles in which you focus your attention on diaphragmatic breathing making the inhale blend into the exhale and back into the inhale.

Then we show you how to do a quick, energizing form of breathing designed to "jump start" our session by energizing your entire system.

Now we are ready to begin the actual Transformation Breathing. For the next 45-50 minutes, you will be in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, listening to pleasant music designed to generate an alpha brainwave (deep relaxation), while you do the connected breathing learned at the beginning of our session.

At the end of the session, we will review briefly your insights and breakthroughs. Also, you will get  some interesting "homework" or "fieldwork" assignments to support you in your continuing growth and development.

An hour of breathing can change my life? Give me a break! How is this possible?

Right. I had the same reaction before I experienced my first Transformation Breathing session. Frankly, I thought it sounded of little consequence or perhaps like "woo-woo" stuff. Yet, there was something about the work and the qualities of the trained facilitator that attracted me and allowed me to let go of my considerations and try it. I was astonished at the results--so much so that I enrolled immediately in the training program so that I could offer this same powerful gift to others.
As to how this is possible, part of the explanation is physiological. When you increase your oxygen intake through deeper breathing, the higher levels of oxygen in your body energize your entire system. Old thought patterns and emotional scripts which no longer serve you are, in a sense, "hit" with this new force of energy and vitality and depending on how deeply entrenched those patterns are, they are either shaken up or blown away entirely. As they disappear, you are now free to consciously create new patterns which can serve you better, allowing more joy and satisfaction to enter your life.

Is Transformation Breathing a one-time experience or do you have to keep doing sessions? What kind of follow-up is there?

In one to six sessions, you can learn the basic principles and, like riding a bicycle, you won't forget them.  Any time you feel frazzled or need more energy, you can do Transformational Breathing. It is similar to using a set of muscles--each time you do it, you are strengthening this good habit. Over time, just by being aware of your breathing, you can cultivate Transformational Breathing as your normal pattern: Or, at least, as the automatic response to any stressful situation.

Some people find it useful to do more sessions because they want the added benefit of working with a trained facilitator. They like what they experienced during the first sessions and want to go deeper and explore more fully the essence of who they are at the core of their being. For these clients, this "inner adventure" can be profoundly rewarding and lead to deeply satisfying life changes.

There are many weekly group sessions for people who have previously experienced Transformational Breathing. In addition to the breath work, it is an opportunity to meet kindred souls, do networking and provide mutual support.  Finally, there are several other workshops that, in addition to using the Transformational Breath technique, provide clients with an opportunity to work on areas of particular interest.

Current workshops include the following:






We are also available to work with corporate and organizational clients in the areas of stress management, high-level communications, high-level creativity and teambuilding. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

How do I sign up for a session?

Call us at 772-286-2643 and let's mark our calendars. We look forward to getting together and sharing this remarkable experience with you!

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                                                                                                                Reprinted with permission  by AMY M. SHEESLEY

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