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There are many more  facilitators not listed here. Please email or call us at 1-772-634-4011 for more information about professionals and workshops in your region.

These facilitators have not necessarily been trained or certified by the Transformation Breath Foundation.


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Filomena Concia
Homer, Alaska

Since graduating in 1997,  Filomena has had tremendous success working with asthmatics, recovering alcoholics, abuse survivors and shamans. Breath is life! Let her help you breathe it in fully. 

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Patricia Crane, Ph.D., and Rick Nichols
Escondido, California

Dedicating their lives to sharing love and healing worldwide, together Patricia and Rick create, develop, and present seminars and workshops on the mind-body connection, Louise Hay philosophy, creative visualization, stress management,  Breath and Reiki natural healing.

Gail Darwin
Fax: 801-340-9563
23920 Anza Ave Suite 101
Torrance CA 90505 

Gail has extensive experience in breathwork over many years. One of her specialties is using the breath to get in touch with one's sexuality. Contact her for her ongoing workshop schedule. 

Colorado back to top
Lynn W. Gottlieb
at 5 PATH, A Way of Change
Boulder, Colorado

Home based in Boulder during the school year, Lynn travels in summer (CA, WA, FL, MA, ME, VT, OH, MN). Certified as a TB Coach by IBI, she is also a Certified Horstmann Practitioner/Trainer. Both modalities encourage energy movement and release of blockages. Lynn provides a gentle, supportive healing environment, honoring each personís sacred, whole and perfect self

Dyan Stein, LCSW, AAMFT, TB Trainer
Durango, Colorado

"Activate Your Life with Breath and Energy." As we experience new millenium energies and feel the surge of this new life force, we look for ways to integrate fears and feel healthier. Using Dyan's highly developed energy-activation sessions and  Breathwork, she assists people to find inner joy and connection to love. Awaken to your higher potential!

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.. Robert Copeland, B.A., C.H.T.

Robert is a bodyworker, Reiki master, breathworker and master hypnotist  as well as a student of Shamanic counseling and healing techniques. 

Cynthia Van Savage
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Cynthia has fused her personal and professional lives to help men and women who are imprisoned by self-destructive, limiting behavior. A certified breath facilitator, Cynthia is also a musician, teacher, writer, composer, performance artist, and survivor of incest and substance abuse. Her self-empowerment programs have been highly successful, even in the prison system.

Florida back to top
wpe6.jpg (4308 bytes)

Capt. Peter Murray
PO 212, Stuart, Fl, 34995

As a senior trainer, Peter has  developed his own unique style of facilitation as he shares breathwork internationally. As one of the world's most experienced Transformational breath facilitators, his rich experience and love help him reach everyone he meets with the "Breathe" message. Call him if you want workshops and trainings in your region.


Monika Sambell
954-741-0134 telephone
954-533-7979 fax

Monika has been involved in breathwork since 1976. She  is available for groups and private sessions. Join her for a powerful experience.

Massachusetts back to top

Gail S. Heinrich, LMT
Sharon, Massachusetts
781-784-1738 or 781-863-1895 days

A licensed, certified muscular therapist and owner of a massage clinic since 1992. She has over a decade of work experience in the health and fitness fields. She began facilitating breathwork in 1998 and now offers massage and breath sessions, combined or independently. Gailís recreation includes running and yoga.

New Hampshire back to top
. Anna Champagne
Keene, New Hampshire
Studio: 603-358-5133
Home: 603-357-5123

Oregon back to top

Gabrielle  Chavez
Portland, OR

Gabrielle is one of the pioneers of breathwork in the Northwest. In addition to her loving skills of facilitation, she is also a minister at United Church of  Christ in Beaverton.


Linda Phelan
Portland, OR

Linda is a licensed massage therapist  as well as a breath facilitator. She is very enthusiastic about the profound changes that she has witnessed through the breathwork and looks forward to sharing them with you. 

South Carolina  

Moya Clarken, RN, TBF
Charleston,  South Carolina

Moya  is a RN and Certified TBF based in Charleston, SC. Born in Ireland, Moya studied nursing in Dublin and Scotland and is certified in Therapeutic Touch. Moya has worked in many specialty fields and at present works as a Hospice nurse. She considers traditional and energetic medicine not only complimentary, but vital to one another.

Virginia back to top


Suzanne Rice
Arlington, Virginia

Suzanne can help you overcome all the pain and the past. Trust her to show you how to improve your breathing and your life.

Washington back to top

 Peter Murray

As a senior trainer, Peter has  developed his own unique style of facilitation as he shares breathwork internationally. As one of the world's most experienced Transformational breath facilitators, his rich experience and love help him reach everyone he meets with the "Breathe" message. 

Asia back to top
. Nora Abdul
Saudi Arabia

Since completing her training at the 2000 Italian intensive, Nora has been working with many clients in the Middle East. Nora is a very loving and talented facilitator as well as a leader in her field.

Europe back to top

Geoff Smith
Brussels, Belgium
Phone ++32 (048) 650 9008
Through the use of BreathWork sessions I have been able to see fears for what they truly are and how I was limiting myself and my life with them. I am now a happier and more joyful person with much more peace and love in all aspects of my life than I have ever had before.

I want to make BreathWork available to everybody so that they too can experience more Love and Joy in their lives.

Lars Mygind
Inspirerende Lederskab
10, Skovbovej, Tornby
DK-9850 Hirtshals
Phone +45  98 97 85 85  Fax +45  98 97 85 86                    Mobile +45  40 32 73 86
Until1998 Lars was a highflying software CEO with material success. Since 2000 he has pursued his passion to serve other people. He is doing it with BreathWork and related tools to help other people and himself transform as quickly and easy as possible. He serves clients in Denmark, England, Belgium, where he has been traveling and living since 2000. 
Marina Alba Cristiano

Alba is the founder of which focuses on psycho physical wellbeing and  self recovery using alternative therapies such as the study of the holistic macrobiotic philosophy as taught by Alfredo Ingannamorte and Martin Halsey of Milan's Kushi Institute and Vivation as taught by Phil Laut. Alba is also a Louise Hay trainer as well as a Breathwork facilitator. She is currently leading Breath Workshops

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Martin Oldelius
Waxthuset, Vaddo, Sweden

Phone +46  175 31097                                                   
Martin has infectious enthusiasm as is demonstrated in his  facilitation and educational endeavors.  Take an opportunity to experience his skillful and loving work.

wpe19.jpg (160005 bytes)

Lena Kristina Tuulse
Waxthuset, Vaddo, Sweden

Phone +46  175 31485                                                  
Lena Kristina has worked with thousands of people over the last 26 years at trainings around the world. Lena has degrees in Family therapy, Physical Education as well as a PhD in psychology.  She has pioneered many new therapies in Sweden including Gestalt, Reich work and other transformational therapies including Breathwork. She is also part of Tony Robbins leadership group and Tony's Foundation is a partner in the Life University that she has created in Vaddo, Sweden. Her abundant love and clear vision continues to influence many. 
Sarah Clifton
Norwich, UK
Tel. 01603-631391

Sarah is a  breath facilitator offering workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions. She is a yoga enthusiast and has taught hatha yoga since 1991 as well as practicing reflexology. "The breath is the key to unlocking your potential..."

South America back to top
wpe12.jpg (96428 bytes) Gabriel DeLuca
Bernardo De Irigoyen 118 DTO 3 Capital Federal
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  54 11 4343 0508 

As well as being a gifted breath facilitator, Gabriel is a     corporal therapist, Course in Miracles Facilitator, Traditional Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master and a good friend. 
wpeB.jpg (129017 bytes) Frankie de Guedez 
Barquisimeto, Venezuela
     58 251 251 62 37

Frankie has a successful school based in Barquisimeto and also has groups in Valencia as well as other locations in Venezuela. She is a gifted teacher in many  subjects and her loving presence reaches many.

wpeB.jpg (86999 bytes) Jose Luis Ziritt  Ph,D
Caracas, Venezuela  Quito, Ecuador   58 212 782 80 09

Jose Luis is a skilled  Breathwork facilitator, publisher and Course in Miracles teacher. He teaches a variety of courses and is a loving facilitator.
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