Breathing brings you into presence where nothing is wrong.

Have you ever felt like something was missing - not quite right?  How does that feel? Addiction occurs when we feel like we need to fill up that void in our lives that is created by this story that something isn't quite right. Perhaps we can even find something missing like money or relationship. Is there really anything that we really need missing in the exact moment? When we get really honest about this all too pervasive story, we can stop the addiction trail. Here is the simple formula to stay in constant joy:

As soon as you feel any discomfort, ask these two questions;

1. Do I want to feel good?

2. What is missing (that I really need) in this exact moment? Breathe..

To the extent that you  can focus on these questions is the extent that you can stop feeling the emptiness that feeds addiction.     Call us at 1-772-905-2643